The mobile robot for moving boxes in the warehouse. Handle’s small footprint, long reach, and vision system enable it to unload trucks, build pallets, and move boxes throughout your facility.

It features a manipulator arm capable of picking up heavy boxes.
It also has a swinging "tail" that helps it balance and move dynamically in tight spaces.


  • 84 cm
  • 150 kg
  • SPEED:
  • 4 m/s
Gripper: vacuum. Payload capacity: up to 15 kg. Maximum reach: 2.8 meters.
Works with pallets that are 1.2 m deep and 1.7 m tall.



Handle utilizes deep-learning vision software to identify and locate boxes. It unloads trucks, palletizes, and depalletizes at the push of a button.


Handle does multiple jobs with one robot. It’s designed to reach boxes high and low with the ability to fold into a compact form to move throughout your facility, or to another warehouse altogether.


Handle’s mobility enables it to operate in multiple workcells, moving through facilities along with the flow of goods.


Handle unloads boxes to a conveyor to simplify truck and shipping container unloading
Handle navigates distribution center aisles, picking from multiple inventory locations to build mixed-SKU pallets.